Beginners Editing

This course is designed to teach a beginner the basics of using Adobe Premiere Pro CC to organise, edit and export video.

The day will consist of two practical editing sessions. The first will act as a introduction to Premiere Pro and will cover organisation of your footage, basic editing techniques, keyboard shortcuts for faster editing, working with audio and video transitions.

The second will be a more advanced edit, where you will learn more of Premiere’s complex features, including titles and credits, colour correction, cutaways and exporting your videos.

Course Details

£250 per person

8 People

10:00 - 15:30

Lunch provided
All footage needed for course provided.

Full Course Detail

Understanding Premiere

  • System specifications
  • Tapeless & Welcome window
  • Rendering files


  • Creating bins
  • Using labels
  • Exploring workspaces
  • Importing media

Sequencing and Editing

  • Understanding the timeline
  • Use the Project panel to develop a sequence
  • Automate to Sequence command
  • Understanding the Source and Program Monitors
  • Creating & Refining a rough cut
  • Using the Source Monitor to set in/out points
  • Performing Insert and Overlay edits
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Using Ripple, Slide, Slip & Razor tools

Working with Audio

  • Changing audio levels
  • Adding a background music
  • Audio transitions
  • Fade in/out
  • Transitions

Understanding transitions

  • Inserting and changing transition attributes
  • Previewing
  • Different uses of transitions


  • Understanding Cutaways
  • Inserting a cutaway
  • Refining

Titles and Credits

  • Creating a simple title
  • Adding titles to the timeline

Colour Correction

  • Understanding Levels
  • Using Curves
  • Applying colour Luts


  • Exporting a sequence
  • Using Adobe Media Encoder

What you will need

A PC laptop or Mac capable of running Premier Pro (See system requirements here)

At least 15GB of free space on your device

The latest version of Premier Pro CC installed on your device (Download Premier Pro here)

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