Marketing Video Training For Your Staff

My marketing video training will train you and your staff to shoot and edit video. You will be able to promote your company on social media with high concept, high quality marketing videos, without the cost of hiring a video production company.

Get your staff editing videos to look like this!

Corporate Video Editing Training

These are just some of the reasons why your staff should take this course.

Increase Brand Awareness

If you are a small business owner who wishes to promote your company using video on social media and are conscious of steep costs, I can help. Without paying the large costs of bringing in overpriced production companies, my training courses will keep your marketing in house and costs down.

Train your staff

If you run a company that wants to train it's staff to shoot and edit promotional material I can work with multiple members off staff in one training day. I can teach you or your staff to shoot and edit simple videos that will be perfect for Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Get more leads

My experience in corporate production and of building a large social media following allows me to train you or your staff in all aspects of what is needed to succeed online and promote your company effectively. I promise that a highly polished and targeted marketing video will directly create more leads and therefore new clients for your business.

Interact with customers

Whether it's a video message, Q&A, or promo video, film is a great way to interact and communicate with your customer base. My courses will give you the skills you need to create all these types of video content.

Video Marketing Course Examples

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