Social Media Video Editing Courses

Learn to shoot and edit high quality video. Make a splash on YouTube and hopefully go viral. Learn to edit your own show reel if you are a performer. Even if you just want to cut great home videos to share we can help you learn to do it all.

You will be able to create videos like this!

Why learn how to edit videos for social media?

Create for Social media

Are you looking to create video for social media? I have extensive knowledge of the best editing practices for YouTube and Instagram so look no further. Having built a following of over 400,000 people across our social media sites, I know the kind of videos that work and the ones that don't.

Best practices

I can teach you the best export settings for various social media platforms, so you can get the most out of your videos and so that your viewers get the best experience. I will also train you on how to use various shortcuts so that you can complete edits quickly and efficiently.

Useful Resources

My courses will inform you on what you need for all your filming and editing needs. I will also recommend useful, inexpensive kit to raise the quality of what you shoot. I will highlight the best software and hardware available to match your budget and also your filming needs.

Save Time and Money

When you can edit your own videos you save time and money. If you want to cut a new show reel or promote your new business venture, you can simply edit these using your own footage and work to your own schedule on our (what course) course.

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